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Internet Service Provider

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Austin Ruhl

Austin works full-time at Grace Bible Church as Technical Assistant, along with providing IT services to a few other small business around the valley. On evenings and weekends, he oversees the RMT network administration and assists with installs.

Austin Ruhl Profile Picture

Collin Moore

Collin works at Advanced Electronic Designs as an Electronics Design Engineer. Collin helps out with larger RMT projects such as installs, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Your #1 Choice For Internet in Rural Areas

Need fast, reliable internet, but live too far out of town to get fiber or cable? Or, the cost of other available providers is too high? RMT strives to make our service the best wireless internet service in the Gallatin Valley.

Why Choose RMT

No Contract

Up to 20mbps

Local, Friendly Support

You get what you pay for

Keeping People Connected Across the Gallatin Valley

$100 Standard Installation

All installations require a $100 install fee.  This price may be more due to location or complexity of install.

12 Month Price Guarantee

Price is guaranteed for 12 months.

No Data Limits

No data caps. No speed throttling due to data usage.

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want

Reliable Internet
in the Gallatin Valley