Terms Of Service

Ruhl Moore Technologies (RMT) is providing internet service (the service) to you (the customer)
on the following terms:
● This service is provided with no warranty expressed or implied.
● RMT reserves the right to disconnect any customer(s) at any time, for any reason.
● Although RMT strives to maintain reliable service, outages or decreases in speed may
occur. This may be due to natural causes (weather and power interruptions) or due to
upstream provider issues beyond RMT’s control.
● RMT is not to be held liable for any downtime/loss incurred by any customer(s) during
outage periods.
● In the event of an outage, the customer will be notified in a timely fashion, and RMT will
negotiate repairs quickly.
● RMT will not be held responsible for leaks or other damage to the customer’s home or
property that is not addressed at the time of installation of the service. The customer
hereby waives the right to charge RMT for damages after the service has been installed.
● RMT will ensure proper functionality and customer satisfaction at time of install.
● The customer promises not to perform any illegal activities online. Illegal activities
include, but are not limited to:
○ illegally downloading copyrighted material over the service
○ Attempting to gain administrative access to RMT’s network.
○ purchase illegal goods over the connection.
○ perform any other kind of illegal action over the connection.
● The customer’s traffic may be filtered to block access to malware and illegal activities.
The customer’s legal traffic will not be monitored, but logs may be kept of attempts to
engage in illegal activity. If illegal activity is detected, the customer’s service may be
terminated immediately. The customer will be notified on termination due to any breach
of contract.
● RMT has the obligation and responsibility to cooperate with appropriate legal authorities
in investigating illegal activities.
● Peer­to­peer file sharing (torrenting), is not allowed on the service, as it puts an
unnecessary strain on and could pose possible legal ramifications to RMT.
● RMT will attempt to contact customers who do not pay their monthly bill. If the customer
is not cooperative, RMT may terminate the service and/or remove RMT’s equipment or
ask for it to be returned.
● RMT reserves the right to change the price of service at any time after the first year of
● The customer reserves the right to stop paying for service at any time, however, a $50
cancellation fee will be charged to the customer for a cancellation within a year of
signing this contract.
● RMT is not to be held liable for delay in installing.
● RMT owns the external antenna equipment of all installs. If equipment owned by RMT is
damaged by lightning or fails, RMT will replace it free of charge. If the customer
damages RMT­owned equipment, the customer will be expected to pay the cost of the
broken equipment, and labor at $40/hour for repairs, or face termination of the service. In
the event of service termination, the customer is expected to remove all RMT­owned
equipment from the customer’s property and return the equipment to RMT or pay a $200
equipment purchase fee. If the customer cancels the agreement or fails to pay their bill
within a year of signing this contract, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged (as
discussed under Service).
● RMT will not be held liable for any property damages incurred during the removal of
● RMT is not to be held liable for damage to any customer­owned equipment or property at
any time, including roofing, siding, computer equipment, etcetera, whether damaged
from leaks, power surges, or anything else.
● All equipment owned by the customer is the customer’s responsibility to maintain.
Technical support for such equipment may be available for purchase through RMT.
● RMT does not operate with insurance of any kind.
● Any service calls to RMT that do not involve replacement or repair of faulty RMT­owned
equipment will be billed at $40/hour, at a minimum of $40.
By signing this I agree to abide by this terms of service contract with Ruhl Moore Technologies,
and any breach of contract may result in termination of service.

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